STmicroelectronics support Part no.

8-Bit MCUs 8 bit MCU 32 bit MCU ST3 32 bit MCU Low power quad MCU Development Rectifier STR7 32-bit stepper motor driver quad 2 input NOR gate very fast "H" series
Microcontrollers ST72C104G1B6 STM32F101C4T6A STR750FV0T6 voltage comparator Tools ASTPS1L40A%1  ARM7 MCUs E-L6219DS013TR HCF4001BEY STGF6NC60HD
STM8AF5118 ST72C104G1M6 STM32F101C6T6A STR750FV1H6 LM201AN STR710-EVAL ASTPS1L40A%Z STR710FZ1T6 L293E HCF4001M013TR STGP10NC60H
STM8AF5168 ST72C104G2B6 STM32F101C8T6 STR750FV1T6 LM211N STR710-SK/HIT STPS0520Z STR710FZ2H6 L297D013TR HCF4007UBEY IGBT
STM8AF5178 ST72C104G2M6 STM32F101CBT6 STR750FV2H6 LM258DT STR711-SK/IAR STPS0530Z STR710FZ2T6 L4978 HCF4007UBM013TR STGB19NC60HD
STM8AF5179 ST72C124J2T6 STM32F101R4T6A STR750FV2T6 LM258DT STR730-D/RAIS STPS0540Z STR710RZH6 L5973D013TR HCF40103BEY  
STM8AF5189 ST72C215G2B6 STM32F101R6T6 STR751FR0T6 LM2903N STR730-SK/IAR STPS0560Z STR711FR0T6 L6561D013TR HCF40106BEY  
STM8AF518A ST72C215G2M3 STM32F101R6T6A STR751FR1H6 LM2903PT STR730-SK/RAIS STPS10150CFP STR711FR1T6 L6599DTR HCF40106M013TR  
STM8AF5198 ST72C215G2M6 STM32F101R8T6 STR751FR1T6 LM2904PT STR712-SK/IAR STPS10150CT STR711FR2H6   HCF4010BEY  
STM8AF5199 ST72C215G2M6/TR STM32F101RBT6 STR751FR2H6 LM311DT STR71X-SK/RAIS STPS1045D STR711FR2T6   HCF4010M013TR  
STM8AF51A8 ST72C216G1M6 STM32F101RDT6 STR752FR1T6 LM317T STR9-DK/RAIS STPS10H100CFP STR712FR1T6   HCF4011M013TR  
STM8AF51A9 ST72C254G2B6 STM32F101RET6 STR752FR2H6 LM324DT STR910-EVAL STPS10H100CT STR712FR2T6   HCF4013BEY  
STM8AF51AA ST72C254G2M6 STM32F101T4U6A STR752FR2T6 LM324N STR912-D/RAIS STPS10L25D STR715FR0T6   HCF4013M013TR  
STM8AF5268 ST72C254G2M6/TR STM32F101T6U6 STR910FAM32X6 LM339DT STR91X-SK/HIT STPS10L45CT STR730FZ2T6   HCF4014BEY  
STM8AF5269 ST72C314J2T6 STM32F101T6U6A STR910FAW32X6 LM358DT STR91X-SK/IAR STPS10L60CFP STR730FZ2T7   HCF4014M013TR  
STM8AF5288 ST72C314J4B6 STM32F101T8U6 STR910FAZ32H6 LM358DT STR91X-SK/KEI STPS10L60D STR731FV0T6   HCF4016BEY  
STM8AF5289 ST72C314J4T6 STM32F101V8T6 STR911FAM42X6 LM358N STR91X-SK/RAI STPS1150 STR731FV1T6   HCF4016M013TR  
STM8AF528A ST72C314N4T6 STM32F101VBT6 STR911FAM44X6 LM393N   STPS1150A STR731FV1T7   HCF4017BEY  
STM8AF52A8 ST72C334J2B6 STM32F101VCT6 STR911FAM46X6     STPS12045TV STR731FV2T6   HCF4017M013TR  
STM8AF52A9 ST72C334J2T6 STM32F101VDT6 STR911FAW42X6     STPS120L15TV STR731FV2T7   HCF4019BEY  
STM8AF52AA ST72C334J4B6 STM32F101VET6 STR911FAW44X6     STPS120M STR735FZ1T6   HCF4019M013TR  
STM8AF6146 ST72C334J4T6 STM32F101ZCT6 STR911FAW46X6     STPS130A STR735FZ2T6   HCF4020BEY  
STM8AF6148 ST72C334N4T6 STM32F101ZDT6 STR911FAW47X6     STPS130U STR735FZ2T7   HCF4020M013TR  
STM8AF6166 ST72F262G1M6 STM32F101ZET6 STR912FAW42X6     STPS140A STR736FV0T6   HCF4021BEY  
STM8AF6168 ST72F262G1M6TR STM32F102C4T6A STR912FAW44X6     STPS140U STR736FV0T7   HCF4021M013TR  
STM8AF6169 ST72F262G2B5 STM32F102C6T6A STR912FAW46X6     STPS140Z STR736FV1T6   HCF4024BEY  
STM8AF6176 ST72F262G2M6 STM32F102C8T6 STR912FAW47X6     STPS1545CT STR736FV2T6   HCF4024M013TR  
STM8AF6178 ST72F264G2B5 STM32F102CBT6 STR912FAZ42H6     STPS1545D     HCF4025BEY  
STM8AF6179 ST72F264G2B6 STM32F102R4T6A STR912FAZ44H6     STPS1545FP     HCF4025M013TR  
STM8AF6186 ST72F324J4B5 STM32F102R6T6A STR912FAZ46H6     STPS15H100CH     HCF4030BEY  
STM8AF6188 ST72F324J4T6 STM32F102R8T6 STR912FAZ47H6     STPS15L25D     HCF4030M013TR  
STM8AF6189 ST7FLITE02Y0B6 STM32F102RBT6       STPS15L30CDJF-T     HCF4040BEY  
STM8AF61A8 ST7FLITE02Y0M6 STM32F103C4T6A       STPS16045TV     HCF4040M013TR  
STM8AF61A9 ST7FLITE05M6TR STM32F103C6T6A       STPS160A     HCF4042BEY  
STM8AF6226 ST7FLITE05Y0B6 STM32F103C6T7A   STPS160H100TV     HCF4042M013TR  
STM8AF6246 ST7FLITE05Y0M6 STM32F103C8T6       STPS160U     HCF4047BEY  
STM8AF6248 ST7FLITE09Y0B6 STM32F103CBT6       STPS16150CG     HCF4047M013TR  
STM8AF6266 ST7FLITE09Y0M6 STM32F103CBT7       STPS16150CT     HCF4049UBEY  
STM8AF6268 ST7FLITE10F1M6 STM32F103R4T6A       STPS16170CB     HCF4049UM013TR  
STM8AF6269 ST7FLITE15F1B6 STM32F103R6T6       STPS16170CG-TR     HCF4050BEY  
STM8AF6286 ST7FLITE15F1M6 STM32F103R6T6A       STPS16H100C-TR     HCF4050M013TR  
STM8AF6288 ST7FLITE15M6TR STM32F103R6T7A       STPS16L40CT     HCF4051BEY  
STM8AF6289 ST7FLITE19F1B6 STM32F103R8T6       STPS16L45CFP     HCF4051M013TR  
STM8AF628A ST7FLITE19F1M6 STM32F103RBT6       STPS1H100A     HCF4052BEY  
STM8AF62A8 ST7FLITE20F2B6 STM32F103RBT7       STPS1H100U     HCF4052M013TR  
STM8AF62A9 ST7FLITE20F2M6 STM32F103RCT6       STPS1L30A     HCF4053BEY  
STM8AF62AA ST7FLITE25F2B6 STM32F103RCY6       STPS1L30U     HCF4053M013TR  
STM8S103F2 ST7FLITE25F2M6 STM32F103RDT6       STPS1L40A     HCF4056BEY  
STM8S103F3 ST7FLITE25M6TR STM32F103RET6       STPS1L40M     HCF4056M013TR  
STM8S103K3 ST7FLITE29F2B6 STM32F103RET7       STPS1L40U     HCF4060BEY  
STM8S105C4 ST7FLITE29F2M6 STM32F103T4U6A       STPS1L60     HCF4060M013TR  
STM8S105C6 ST7FLITE29F2M6TR STM32F103T6U6       STPS1L60A        
STM8S105K4 ST7FLITE35F2B6 STM32F103T6U6A       STPS1L60RL        
STM8S105K6 ST7FLITE35F2M6 STM32F103T6U7A       STPS200170TV1        
STM8S105S4 ST7FLITE39F2B6 STM32F103T8U6       STPS20120D        

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